Alex's talks on parenting and bullying have been highly acclaimed by students, parents, and faculty alike. Contact Alex now to learn more about inviting him to speak to your school community.


"Alex Berthe is a gifted presenter, one who commands a room of students and adults alike with his personal warmth, his grounded wisdom, and his preternatural ability to engage listeners with compelling stories and questions. On issues of emotional and ethical meaning, Alex masterfully connects with his audience by interweaving personal narrative, deep understanding of social and emotional well-being, and appreciation for the challenges facing contemporary youth. Where some speakers may resort to comedic pandering or scare tactics to aggrandize themselves, Alex always respects listeners through a style that is at once direct and compassionate, and which assuredly encourages attendees to reflect upon how they might live fuller, healthier lives. Insightful and inspirational, Alex offers high-quality presentations that I recommend without reservation."
John M. Botti, Headmaster, The Browning School
"At The Landon School, Alex Berthe gave a powerful, healing, and inspiring presentation on bullying. He immediately connected with our students with his warm smile, disarming humor, calm voice, and strong message. By the end of his talk, it became clear to all in the audience that Alex is a man of loving kindness, pure decency, and contagious compassion. He left our students wanting to join him down the caring path that he travels."
John J. Bellaschi, Paul L. Banfield Ethics Chair, The Landon School
“Alex’s presentation on raising kids with character was the most helpful parenting session I’ve ever participated in. Parenting is far harder than any of us could have imagined when we began this journey, and his smart, compelling and interactive session had a major impact on everyone in the room. Several parents got emotional about their struggles to do their best, feeling safe with him to open up about tough and important topics. I strongly recommend attending one of his presentations – it will be worth your time.”
Simon Rosenberg, Nonprofit Executive